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Plateau Visuals 

Creating Video and Photo Content 
 for Your Website and Internet Marketing!

What Do I Specialize In?

What Am I?

  • Event Videographer

    Any Events On The Plateau? I Can Make A Commercial Out of It! Check My Examples, See What You Like!

  • Business Videographer

    Does Your Business Need a Commercial, Testimonial, Interview, or Just An Announcement? I'm Your Guy! Check Out My Examples!

What Will I Do?

What's The Plan?

Step 1

Create An Outline For The Video

We can get together, create a video from scratch that is sure to fit your business, and we can move on to Step 2!

Step 2

Shoot Your Video

Where ever your business is, we can schedule a day for me to come and shoot your video, and get get a game plan together for Step 3!

Step 3

Edit & Deliver Your Video

I will edit all of the footage from the day we shot, add text, logos, sound effects, all the things you want, and get your video to you quickly!

My Portfolio

A Little Bit About Myself

My name is Samuel Ferrell, and I own Plateau Visuals, a videography business for local businesses and companies in Crossville, Tennessee! I create video advertisements, commercials, and corporate videos. Have an event? I can shoot those too! Check out my portfolio for examples of what I do!

Want A


Wanna Help Me Grow?

If your business needs a new way of showing itself to the world, then lets get in touch! I have made a plethora of videos that you can see in my portfolio to find just what you need. So, lets get started.
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Crossville, TN